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A set of 200 Colourful Flashcards based on themes like Space, Homes and Houses, Trees and life cycle of a tree, Animals and their homes, Dinosaurs, and Professions. Flashcards work well because they help children not only memorize facts quickly but to process and store the information over the long-term. Child's brain can more easily retain the information because when you use flashcards the brain is triggered to use the learning skills. More than language and communication, Flashcards emphasize memorization.


Flashcards are the ideal equipment to captivate and stimulate learning amongst toddlers; and are a proven and emerging method to train and teach kids in recent times. This fun-loving way of teaching involves several topics, visuals, and audios that grasp the attention of the children.


It is often observed that toddlers comfortably start enjoying & ascertaining different sounds & colors between the ages of 12 and18 months. This makes flashcards the ideal early childhood learning element for young toddlers to new words, images, or concepts.


Benefits of Flashcards for your Child:

  • Improves meta-cognition and understanding of one’s mindset and thought processes
  • Makes associations among children to communicate and learn languages
  • Promotes early childhood learning among toddlers
  • Links creation in the brain and stimulates the identification of objects
  • Improves awareness of the world around them
  • Engages “active recall” and strengthens memorization
  • Develops knowledge and the ability to understand
  • Allows for confidence-based repetition
  • Stimulates thinking for themselves
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Enhances visual memory
  • Increases confidence

Therefore, with flashcards, you are actively engaging your kids in a repetitive question-answer format of learning.

Set of 200 Flashcards age group 2 to 5

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