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About Us

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Curriculum Developers

Why Success Canvas?

If we want children to thrive in our complicated world, we need to teach them how to think, says educator Brian Oshiro. Giving ready made answers to their problems is not the solution but teaching them how to arrive at a solution is the key to raising a critical thinker in the 21st century.


Success Canvas aims at being a one stop solution for all educational needs of children, parents, schools and communities, through its vast offering of developmentally appropriate Educational products, toys, games, books, homeschooling kits, consultation and training of school management, teachers, parents and all stakeholders involved in raising a child.


It is truly said that it takes a village to raise a child, at Success Canvas we aim at providing ready made solutions for parents and schools which focus on 21st century skills and are complete hands on and application based solutions.

Our Founder

If we start giving them this authority and confidence to lead their life on their own terms, then as a parent or as a mentor your duty towards the child is fulfilled. She has 18 years of experience in education management, training, counselling, and Curriculum development. She holds an MS in Human Development and Family Studies. She has founded her own preschools and has set up early childhood centres and Schools for many reputed organisations across India.

After Spending more than two decades in the education industry and understanding the needs of children, schools and parent and seening the whole education revolution where chalk and board method is replaced with practical hands on experiences, the change is mandatory as the next generation is smarter more curious, calculative as well as more result oriented. Also being a mother I can see that kids these days need correct and understandable answers, they will keep on asking till they are convinced, they lose attention or interest easily if they are given lectures.

There is a need for a very advanced curriculum which includes lots of hand on experiences and a blend of Academics as well as co curricular activities. I strongly believe in younger the child the more curious the mind is and getting correct answers at this age is the key to development of the child and these can be provided by a right education system and correct parental involvement.

Komal is the founder and Managing Director of Success Canvas and the brain behind “Your Buddy”. She believes in letting children drive their own education and let us adults be just a Mentor who can show the path, give children responsibilities and independence from day one.


Radhika Dharmarajan

Radhika has been a pioneer in designing the Math curriculum for “Your Buddy”. She has over 16 years of experience in teaching and leadership roles. She has been a founder of 2 preschools and an inclusive school. She has always been passionate about driving child centric methodologies and is currently Head of school in an IB school in Mumbai. Where she is leading the team to pursue interest based curriculum and methodology.


Ranjani Polepeddi

Ranjani has been a pioneer in developing the Language curriculum for “Your Buddy”. She is an educator and for 9 years has been creating child-centric learning experiences in various settings and curricula. She is passionate about improving the experience of childhood, living sustainably and all things literature. Ranjani is a postgraduate in Education and Psychology and is currently pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams.


Ami Mistry

Ami has developed the Math Monthly plans under the guidance of Radhika. Ami truly believes in the quote ‘to see the change I need to be the change’. Dedicated to fostering young minds with inquiry, empathy, courage, self-discipline and evolve as independent lifelong learners. Reggio Inspired Teacher, committed to student-centered learning and inspiring them to transform inside out.

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Disha Parikh

Disha has developed the worksheets for Language and Math both for all our classes Nursery, K1 and K2. She is a post graduate in Education Management and currently working as an Educationist, Tutor, Expert Curriculum and Lesson Planner, Creative Worksheets Developer, Content  Writer.


Mrs. Mansi Kavish Dawda

Mansi, an exceptional educational designer, crafts captivating books for PG, Nursery, K1 & K2, and engaging flashcards for young learners, igniting curiosity and sparking imagination. She ensures brand consistency through the school logos and designs promotional items that fill the school community with pride. Mansi's creative prowess extends to crafting engaging social media posts and captivating reels on Instagram, connecting and inspiring the school community. Her unwavering dedication to transforming education makes her an invaluable asset in the field.

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