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Worksheets help the Children in exploring multiple concepts and ideas. They develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, and help them learn concepts on their own. Worksheets make the kids privy to new and improved concepts of learning, develop ideas, and portray the same. It also helps children in developing, pre writing skills, and Our set of 100 interactive and colourful worksheets for EVS, Literacy and Math will help children enhance their concepts as well as provide for a formative Assessment.


What are the advantages/importance of the worksheets?

1. Effective tool of long lasting learning

2. Promotes screenfree learning

3. Help students to engage

4. Improvement in grades

5. Helps to understand the difficult concepts

6. Identify key gaps in learning process

7. Promotes active learning

8. Raises interest level of the students.

9. Track the progress of students


Your Buddy Worksheets cater to themes like learning about Dinosaurs,Different professions, Reduce, reuse, recycle, etc in EVS and literacy and concepts like Datahandling, Measurement, Ascending Descending order, ordinal numbers etc in Math.

Learning Enhancers | Worksheets for 4 to 5 year olds set of 100

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