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"Children best learn through their senses so their schooling has to be offilne and screen free. Your Buddy provides these sensorial experiences from the safety of your home through Your Buddy kit that Includes:

  • Plethora of Activities to give the hands on experience to children.
  • Monthly Lesson Plans Theme based EVS integrated for Language and Concept based for Maths
  • A list of 50 well-researched Library books
  • 19 Stickers for sight words for Vocabulary building.
  • Illustrative Alphabet flashcards
  • 22 Action cards to Build their Vocabulary and help them
  • understand actions
  • 100 illustrative number flashcards
  • 200 Colourful n Interactive Worksheets- to make your every
  • session fun and interesting
  • 100 counters- count, sort & make patterns.
  • Set of Tangrams - to develop Problem-solving skills in your child
  • 10 Picture cards & 50 ice cream sticks- to help your
  • children explore the limitless realm of imagination. A sample Daily Schedule for a homeschooler to keep them engaged throughout the day without depending on the screen."

Homeschooling kits | Nursery

₹15,000.00 Regular Price
₹9,999.00Sale Price
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